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Behzad Abdi

Personal Information

Date of birth: 09 April 1973
Place of birth: Tehran – Iran
Residence: Kiev, Ukraine

Educational Background

1987 – 1995 was taught to play the “Setar “(Iranian Instrument) and studied theory of music
1990 – 1995 B.S Engineering MetallurgyIndustrial University “Sharif “
2003 -2005 M.A Musical art (Composition) Kharkiv Institute of Art I.P.Kotliarevskyi


He works with Symphony Orchestra in Ukraine (National symphony and radio company of Ukraine)
He has been playing the piano and setar (Iranian instrument) for 25 years now - He is also an expert in world music
He is competent with musical software and applies (Protools, Cubase, Nuendo, Sibelius) for film compositions

My Compositions

What I do?



ASHURA (2015)
Concert with Tehran Symphony orchestra
Opera Hafez (2015)
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Symphonic Orchestra

Forgotten (music for series ) (2011)
Concert with national Iranian orchestra in 19 October
Concert with Tehran symphony orchestra in 2008 ( Poem Symphony)
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Film Score

Mahi (2015)
A Capsized Interpretation of a Dream (Music for Series)(2015)
Mazar-e Sharif (2014)
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